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Be in the heart of nature with the best DJs of the international electronic/techno scene

Be independent and free from any belief or idea that limits you in realizing your potential

Create a universe of infinite possibilities and a space for co-creation between artists around the world.

Offer a bold experience with a minimal environmental impact and maximal social connection

Produce international electronic music events in Africa, which focus on valuing exceptional landscapes while creating authentic moments with the best DJs in the world in an unique environment

We respond to concrete challenges and combine celebration and entertainment with sustainability and solidarity.

Our initiatives aim to create a real impact.

Everything is energy. Everything is nature.

My reality is my creation.


Europe, the continent where we were born, where we grew up, the continent where we were socialised. This rich, standardised, multi-cultural continent with its clearly defined codes. The one that determined our zones of comfort and trust.

And then one day there was this unforgettable carpooling experience with a Cape Verdean driver. Two and a half hours of nostalgia, pride, a culture from somewhere else. A country halfway between Africa and Europe. From one moment to another, it was decided, let's go and discover Cape Verde.

In the middle of the Atlantic ocean, 10 islands charged with history. Landscapes that are at times lunar, at times apocalyptic, wild, volcanic, and then again arid or lush greenery. Villages marked by the Portuguese colonialism. The discovery of the organised disorganised. A fusion of Portuguese, African, Brazilian, American and European culture. A country that gives us the impression of being completely lost but strangely, still on the right path.

The return to Europe gives us a new indication: There is so much to do elsewhere. So many new experiences to live, in a different manner.

August 2019 - Insane Festival: The music is vibrating, people let themselves be carried away, a feeling of carelessness and of living a thousand-year-old human experience that unites us all. With the partying comes the moment of inspiration: a trigger, a click.

What if we just organised an electronic music festival with European standards in Cape Verde? Discover and get to know the Cape Verdean Islands, their people, history, their traditions and customs, their needs. Try to give our modest contribution. Let's do it! And since the Insane Festival inspired us, why not contact them to talk about it?

1456 Produções (date of the discovery of Cape Verde) was born in December 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Its big challenge is to present the “Terra Sagrada – São Francisco” festival, the iceberg of this holistic project, and its hidden part, the response to the country's needs: Raising awareness for the environment, planting trees; investing in waste and resource management technologies to save water; promoting renewable energies, gender equality, vocational trainings, job creation, animal protection and culture as a whole.

Terra Sagrada – São Francisco exists through our passion, and our partners Pleiade Production (producer of Insane Festival) and the City Council of Praia, the capital of Cape Verde.

The adventure begins, let's redefine us, discover ourselves, live this human experience together: A wild site, a beach, 3 days, 39 hours of music from sunset to sunrise, with more than 20 international DJs of the international electronic scene. Join and create with us!


1456 Produções, Lda was born during the COVID-19 pandemic and inspired through a friendship and a synchronicity that arose on the islands of Cape Verde. Cape Verde was first discovered in 1456.

Our company is dedicated to the organisation and production of international electronic music events in Africa.

We are a young team of creative and dynamic people, inspired to make a difference through social and environmental actions that connect people and have a real impact in their life.

Our events promote a “zero waste” sustainability approach, aiming to preserve the biodiversity of our planet while celebrating in a unique and wild environment.

We invest in l’long-term energy self-sufficiency, recycling, tree planting and new innovative and sustainable technologies that bring benefits on a long-term basis.

We create jobs and training opportunities in surrounding communities. Part of our benefits support local initiatives in African countries.